Why Doesn't Telegram Work and What To Do?

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Why doesn't Telegram work?
Why doesn't Telegram work?

Messenger Telegrams are preferred by tens of millions of people across the planet. Fast, anonymous, with a convenient interface – it serves not only as a means of communication, but also as a source of prompt receipt of news about everything that happens in the modern world. All the more inconvenience creates a situation when suddenly, for some reason, Telegram does not work. Let's say you have an important call ahead, but you can’t connect, there is no connection or you can’t install the application on your device at all and nothing works. 

About why Telegram does not work, what could be the reason and what to do in such a situation, we will tell readers in this article.

Problems Checking on Your Part

So, suppose you turn on the device and start the application, but Telegram is not working properly and cannot establish a connection. 


First of all, you should eliminate possible problems on your side. You can do this by restarting your device, check the availability of the Internet connection, or try to go to a different web application. If there is no Internet connection, try restarting the Internet router or checking your account. 

That is, problems must be sought precisely in the absence of the Internet.

Software Mismatch

Update the messenger
Update the messenger

Suppose that you have complete order with the Internet, and rebooting the device and Telegram did not help to solve the problem. In this case, check the relevance of the software on your device and its compatibility with the version of Telegram you have chosen. 

For example, for Windows 10 you only need a special desktop version of Telegram. In addition, Telegram has stopped supporting its software for some older versions of Android. A good marker that there is a software conflict is the situation when the Telegram application is launched, but dialog loading does not occur. 

The relevance of its software version can be checked in the telegram settings or on the official website.

Problems Downloading Telegram

In the event that the installed program does not load, or if it boots, it does not advance beyond the welcome window - this may mean a software error in the application. As a possible solution to the problem, it is recommended to reinstall the application, be sure to download it from the official site.

Antivirus Blocks Telegram

In addition, if you use a desktop device, then there is one more possibility that the problem is on your part, and not on the part of the Telegram messenger. It is about the operation of the antivirus. Be sure to check if your antivirus is blocking the operation of the Telegram application.

Try Telegram Web

Telegram web version
Telegram web version

If, despite all the measures described above, you still couldn’t achieve the normal operation of the application, and you need Telegram right now, you can try using Telegram Web – the browser version of the application. You can get into it by the following link in your browser.

Important! Follow the URL at which you enter the Telegram online. It should be "web.telegram.org" and no other. All other sites are phishing, your data may be stolen from you. Be careful!
This is the web version of Telegram
This is the web version of Telegram

The advantage of the Telegram web version is not only ease of use, but also that the Web version itself is not affected by the problems that may affect the stationary version of Telegram. 

To use the Telegram Web version, simply go to the website and follow the required instructions. Telegram Web works properly with the most common browsers: Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex-browser. 

The easiest and most convenient way to restore access to the site is with browser extensions that change the user's IP. Also, the web version may not work in case of a global telegram failure, but more on that below. 

Telegram Lock Bypass

Messenger blocking bypass
Messenger blocking bypass

It is possible to bypass Telegram blocking without resorting to using the Web version. There are several ways to do this, and among them:

  • connection through the TOR network;
  • connection to a proxy;
  • Using browsers with built-in VPN.

Connection via TOR

If you want to configure the Telegram connection via TOR, then you will need to download additional programs to your device. For example, it could be an Orbot application — simple and easy to use. The use of the TOR network will reliably hide your IP and allow you to bypass any Telegram blocking in any country in the world.


If you want to use a proxy, you can use the Telegram system proxies so that the application itself connects to the desired server or manually configures the proxy.

Настройка прокси
Настройка прокси

Replace Obsolete Proxies

Another common problem where Telegram does not work due to a lock in your country of residence. In such a situation, when manually configured proxies are out of date. Therefore, if you manually configured proxies, be sure to check their relevance at the current time.

We recommend an article with a proxy for Telegram.


Problems Registering Telegram

In the event that your attempt to register an account in Telegram was unsuccessful, you should first check the correctness of the entered data and the presence of a network connection. If everything is in order with the data and the network, then you just have to wait, because in this case the messenger itself crashed and only time will help you.

What to do if the code for Telegram does not come.

What to do if the code for from Telegram does not come

The Global Failure: Telegram Does Not Work 

If all the above problems are eliminated, it remains to assume a more global problem. Namely: the problems of the Telegram itself.

Something like this usually looks like a global glitch map in Telegram
Something like this usually looks like a global glitch map in Telegram

From time to time, the application network is subject to global disruptions that affect entire regions and countries at the same time. This condition can last from several hours to a day.

During this period of time, Telegram either does not load at all, or users experience constant difficulties with the connection. 

You can track the geography of global Telegram problems on special sites, for example, this resource is suitable for this. 

It is far from the only one in its segment, and if desired, the reader can easily find other sites of the same profile. There is nothing to help in the event of a global failure - you have to wait until the Telegram team solves the problem. Usually they do it extremely quickly.

The reason why Telegram does not work right away can be very diverse for everyone. These are DDoS attacks of the network, and malfunctions in the software, and even quite physical reasons like a power outage to Telegram servers in one of the key regions of the planet.

It’s philosophical to treat such things, since not a single technique created by man is insured against failures, but the Telegram team is always very quickly trying to fix any problems that arise.

If All Else Fails and Telegram Doesn't Work? 

Always remember that there are no unsolvable problems, and if you tried all the methods and Telegram still doesn’t work for you, you can always address your support service with your problem.

Telegram Support Contact Form
Telegram Support Contact Form

You can do this either directly through the messenger on your device, or using the browser version of the call.

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