Secret Chat in Telegram. How to Create and What's Important to Know

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Secret Telegram chat
Secret Telegram chat

Do you need to send something secret so that only the recipient can see it for sure? In this article, we'll talk about privacy, and security. This is all suitable for a secret Telegram chat.

After all, a secret chat in Telegram allows you not only to send a confidential client-client message, but also has self-removal and other interesting features. 

What is Secret Chat

Secret chat in Telegram is a chat that is created between two devices and no one can intercept the correspondence and decrypt messages in it, including Telegram staff. 

These chats are needed for people who want really secure communication. All traffic is encrypted from device to device. This means that only you and your interlocutor can read your messages. This is one of the main advantages and features of Telegram.

You can find out about other chips in our blog Telegram, where we published an article about Telegram features that you might not know. 

Now let's take a closer look at all the delights of the secret Telegram chat.

How to Create a Secret Chat in Telegram

To create a secret chat you need:

  1. Wait until your interlocutor is online
  2. Create a secret chat in the messenger.
  3. Install the necessary settings.
  4. Start chatting enjoying complete privacy!

Now we will describe each step in more detail with screenshots and detailed instructions.

On the right in the corner of Telegram, click on a pencil with a paper.

A pencil with a paper
A pencil with a paper

We select "New secret chat", select the person with whom you want to start such a correspondence and wait until he appears in the Telegram.

Click "New Secret Chat"
Click "New Secret Chat"

After you have created a secret chat in Telegram, you need to know a few important points:

  • Secret chats in Telegram are tied to the device. If you create such a chat on one of your devices, it will only be available on that device;
  • If you log out of your account, all secret Telegram chats will disappear;
  • You can create as many chats with one person as you like;
  • Messages in a secret chat are saved only on the device of the interlocutor and do not get into the cloud of the Telegram itself.
An example of a secret Telegram chat
An example of a secret Telegram chat

In addition, the secret chat in Telegram is displayed in dialogs a little differently. The username is highlighted in green and has a lock next to it. 

An example of a green lock in Telegram
An example of a green lock in Telegram

Actually, we have already told about the most important thing — the correspondence is saved only on smartphones or tablets of the two participants in the dialogue, but, of course, such a chat has several interesting features, which will be discussed later. 

Self-destruct Messages

Secret chat in Telegram has a self-destruct timer. To install it, click on the clock icon.

On iOS, it is on the text input field, and on Android, on the top bar.

This timer starts the moment the recipient reads the message (two green check marks). The choice of the time range for automatic deletion of messages is quite large: from 1 second to 1 week. As soon as the specified time has passed, the message will disappear without a trace from both devices. 

Auto delete in secret chat
Auto delete in secret chat

The situation is the same with photos / pictures. As soon as you open the picture, the countdown of the time to its destruction will begin.

By the way, in a regular Telegram chat you can also send self-destructing photos. It works like a secret chat. Choose a photo, tap the clock icon at the bottom of the screen and set the timer. A little pleasantness of a secret chat in ordinary communication.

Note that the timer only applies to messages sent after it has been set. It will in no way affect previously sent messages in Telegram.

Other Features of the Secret Telegram Chat

Features of the secret chat in Telegram
Features of the secret chat in Telegram

Unlimited Conversations

In Telegram, you can create an unlimited number of conversations in the form of a secret chat. 

Just remember, if the interlocutor uses Telegram on a computer or in the web version, you won't be able to invite him to such a secret chat. By the way, it is very strange why Telegram developers have not yet made a secret chat for the desktop, but most likely this is clearly for security reasons.

Delete Correspondence

In the secret Telegram chat, it is possible to clear or delete the correspondence when there is no longer any need for it. The dialogs will be deleted forever, it will be impossible to restore them. 

Important: if you logged out of your account, the secret chat in Telegram will be deleted, but the interlocutor will have a copy. In order not to leave traces of correspondence, you can clear the correspondence yourself before leaving your Telegram accounts.

Forwarding Messages

In the secret Telegram chat, unlike the usual one, it is not possible to send messages. None of the participants in such a confidential conversation can forward the correspondence to someone else. This is very convenient because you can be sure that the messages will not be seen by strangers. 

What about screenshots, you ask? And the secret Telegram chat also has its own trick. On Android, it is generally not possible to take a screenshot in the secret Telegram chat, and on iOS, your interlocutor receives a notification that you have taken a screenshot. 

Chat in the secret Telegram chat
Chat in the secret Telegram chat

Unfortunately, there is no 100% reliable way to prevent screenshot taking anyway. After all, your interlocutor can always take an elementary picture of messages on another phone or camera. Therefore, we would advise you to only exchange "sensitive" information with people you trust. 

Secret Chats as a Security Idea

Security in Telegram
Security in Telegram

The main idea of Telegram is to bring security to the masses, to those who do not understand anything about encryption and confidentiality. Just being safe is not enough for that — you also need to be fast, powerful and convenient.Telegram is just such a messenger.

It is important to understand that all Telegram messages are always securely encrypted, even when using regular chats. The difference between secret and regular chat is only in the encryption method: client-client for secret chats, client-server / server-client for regular ones. 

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How to create a secret Telegram chat

It is very convenient for work when you have the opportunity to access correspondence and files from another place. For this, in principle, there are regular chats. But if suddenly something extremely secretive needs to be sent or written to a friend — the secret Telegram chat will definitely help.

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